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hello beautiful, Today I am going to review about best hand cream you can easily fetch..As most of you know that I am a professional makeup artist and my hands are my weapon. So constantly using them makes my hand dry and rough sometimes and immediately I look for is something to nourish my hands. This is how my search for best hand cream began.

I was very particular that I wanted the best cream which gave long-lasting softness and maintains a soothing fragrance for long hours. I am a fanatic of skin care products and after trying a lot of brands I have shortlisted the best hand creams which really work.

The Best Hand cream are listed below:

1.Kama Ayurveda hand cream-

best hand cream

best hand cream

Product Description-It contains the highest quality of natural ingredients (92.30%) with pure essential oils of tuberose and cardamom.

The hand cream is an intensive hand moisturizer which hydrates and leaves hand feeling soft, supple and moisturized all day long. Blended with Shea butter, cocoa butter, and kokum butter it helps to regenerate skin cells and absorbs deeply for extra smooth hands

My verdict on Kama Ayurveda hand cream – I am always inclined to use products are real with no parabens and harmful additives and this is it. This is the best hand cream I have tried so far.

The texture is rich due to the presence of shea and cocoa butter. After application of cream on hands, it makes skin smooth and soft. The fragrance is soothing and last for a long time.

The packaging is luxurious as it is of all the kama products. Once you open it you ll see a hand cream tube which is easy to use like other creams.

There is no wastage of product as you can take a little amount and close the cap.

The quantity of the product according to its price is little high but one must give it a try.

Price – Rs. 725/- for 60 gm

2. Forest Essential ultra nourishing mandarin and neem hand cream-

best hand cream

best hand cream


Product Description– Forest Essential has been known for its authentic ayurvedic products. The brand has a variety of skincare range and most of them have super amazing results. I was excited to try this hand cream as it contained my favorite major ingredients ie apricot. This cream is a perfect blend of shea butter, avocado extracts, and apricot.

This hand cream super creamy and quickly gets absorbed into the skin leaving a soothing fragrance. This is ultra nourishing and moisturizing hand cream with buttery avocado. This luxury cream is infused with almond, honey, apricot and coconut oil. All these ingredients are extremely effective for dry skin. A small amount of cream works well all day.

The best things about this Forest essential neem and mandarin cream are:

  • an exquisite combination of ingredients
  • specially formulated for dry skin
  • rich texture
  • you can feel the softness even after the handwash
  • easily gets absorbed into the skin.
  • This luxurious hand works effectively on the skin. It leaves the skin soft and smooth for long hours.

 Packaging- Packed in pump bottle it is simple to use and avoids wastage of product.

100% ayurvedic product cruelty-free

Recommended using daily.

Refreshing citrusy fragrance.

Price- Rs.1250/- for 200ml.. BUY NOW

3.L’Occitane hand cream



best hand cream

best hand cream PC- Pinterest

Product Description– L’Occitane is an award-winning natural beauty and cosmetic brand. Its shea butter hand cream is one of the best sellers. This cream is infused with rich ingredients like shea butter which is the best healer for dry skin. The moisturizing cream quickly penetrates into the skin and improves the texture instantly.

The alluring fragrance of jasmine extracts and ylang-ylang essence creates a silky effect on the skin.

What I loved about the cream ;

  • No greasiness
  • instantly absorbs
  • affordable
  • delivers the best
  • super rich in texture

What I don’t like about this hand cream-

  • the quantity of the product could have been more.
  • you can only find this cream in selected stores or you can buy online.

Price – Rs 710/- for 30ml


4. Burts Bee-

best hand cream

best hand cream PC- Pinterest

Product description– The Burts bee almond and milk hand cream is an intense moisturizing cream. Burts bee is well known for its organic products and skincare variety. Burts bee hand cream and lip care are the best sellers of this brand. This healthy massage cream is smooth to feel on skin and touch. The cream is enriched with nourishing extracts which helps to recover dryness.

What I love about Burt’s bee hand cream

  • super nourishing
  • feels smooth and super creamy
  • 99.9% pure extracts
  • sweet nutty fragrance

What I don’t like about this hand cream-

  • Availability of product only in Sephora stores or online
  • due to open container sometimes it fuzzes to put a finger in the bottle
  • I like floral scents but the fragrance of this hand cream is nutty due to the active ingredient as almond. So people who like nutty scents would surely love it.

Price – Rs 853/- approx for 57gm


best hand cream

best hand cream PC- Pinterest

Product Description This Nivea is wholesome goodness cream. an It is an intensive moisturizer for very dry hands. It is thick cream enriched with nourishing conditioners for hands.nivea hand cream is deeply enriched with almond oil for superior performance that lasts up to 24 hours. Its rich texture incredibly softens hands within seconds.

What I love about Nivea hand cream-

  • protects and soften hands
  • thick texture
  • subtle fragrance
  • extremely cheap
  • multi-purpose
  • for dry/very dry hands
  • perfect hand cream

What I don’t like about Nivea hand cream

  • everything of this product is worth the price.

Girls, if you see this product at any store I really recommend you not to miss to buy this one.

Price -Rs 300 approx for 100ml.

6.Body Shop hand cream –

best hand cream

best hand cream PC- Pinterest

Product description– A perfect blend of hydration and rose fragrance will surely make your hands feel in heaven. This Body shop British rose hand cream gives a dewy hydration and essence of handpicked British rose.

One of the best hand cream is super formula enriched with beautiful fragnance which you carry whereever you go. I am body shopholic person if this sounds good…wooh  but really from the packaging to texture everything is so admirable. This hand cream is suitable for all skin types.

What I love about brishtsh rose hand cream-

  • dewy nourishment
  • easily penetrates into the skin.
  • Rejuvenating rose frangance
  • gives hyration to hands
  • travel friendly

What i dont love about the british rose hand cream-

  • within a coupleof hours, the skin needs hyrdation again.
  • price according to quantity is a little high.

Price – Rs 730/- for 30 ml.

7.Neutrogena hand cream-

Product desciption– Enriched with glycerine and essential oils. This hand cream work wonders after a single application. Chemical free and fragngnance free hand crfeam. best suit suitable for excessively dry hands. Heals the skin within seconds.

What I love about this hand cream –

  • infused with glycerine
  • simple and chemical free
  • super hydrating
  • best for chapped and dry hands
  • works all day

What I don’t like about this hand cream-

  • I love scented hand creams as they refresh your hand instantly but this is fragrance-free
  • Recommended for people who have an allergy to fragrance or do not like the smell in products

Price – Rs 300/- approc for 2oz.

So These were the best hand cream –

With an honest review, I refer these Hand cream to everyone who is looking for the best hand cream which is made of natural ingredients and chemical free.

I would love to hear back from you guys and please not forget to share this post with your friend and help them to find best products for them.





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