best sunscreen to fight sun damage in 2018

best sunscreen available in india

Hi everyone! This blog is about Best sunscreen in India. The essential thing this summers is Sunscreen as the name suggests it makes a virtual screen between you and your skin thus it helps to protect the skin from UV radiations and reduces sunburn and other skin damage.

We all go through hundreds of questions in our mind that a sunscreen should not be oily yet protection should be good, it should be Derma tested but not pricey and this list continues to pop in our minds which restricts us from buying the best sunscreen. It is always observed that sunscreen has been kept on the other side of vanity due to its greasy formula which makes the users less inclined to use it . No one wants to become an oil factory in summers. But we wish to have the best for us.

best sunscreen available in 2018 are :

1. LOTUS –

One of the best sunscreen available in India by the lotus which gives high UVA and UVB assurance counteracts dark colored spots and pigmentation has skin helping and hostile to wrinkle benefits, shields from freckles, sunspots and sunburn has against maturing properties and averts disease. This sunscreen is made of herbal extracts and friendly on all skin types.



  • This light formulation and preservative free sunscreen is easy to wear and absorbs well in the skin.
  • suitable for oily skin.
  • This multifunctional skin block gives a mattifying and smooth look to face without making it oily.
  • infused with carrot and avocado extracts.
  • protects from sunspots

PACKAGING- This lotus sunscreen comes in tube packaging which is easy to open and use. Sometimes the scream comes on the upper cap which will need to be clean in a couple of days and it blocks the hole otherwise.

PRICE- 525/-


best sunscreen

best sunscreen PC- google

One of the best sunscreen and highly used by people as It easily gets absorbed into the skin leaving it smooth and soft. The oil-free formula is great. Not too heavy on the skin. It is infused with helioplex technology which provides superior from aging UVA rays and burning UVB rays. It is suitable for all skin types.


  • Preventing dark spots and sunburns.
  • goodbye to age spots.
  • skin darkening.
  • suitable for all skin types.
  • mattified texture after a few minutes.

What I liked the most –

  • This does not clog pores
  • lightweight nongreasy formula
  • invisible feel on the skin
  • fast absorbing
  • PABA free
  • makes the skin smooth and even.

best sunscreen in india

                                                                              The best sunscreen in India

PRICE – 555/-

(It is definitely worth the purchase.)


Product description-Loreal aqua Uv protection sunscreen is a light watery based sunscreen which adds a radiant glow to your skin without looking greasy. A must-have product for summers. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and instantly gives a young look. This sunscreen is a miracle product in hot weather as it prevents oil and keeps the skin naturally. Not to forget its users most favorite sunscreen!!

Why you should buy loreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence-

  • Great product for oily skin
  • reasonably priced
  • water-based
  • no stickiness
  • penetrates into the skin fast
  • protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • long-lasting protection up to 12 hours\



we have always been shying from the sun whenever we step out of the home. We protect our skin from various things but girls this is no solution. No matter how much you cover yourself with scarfs and umbrellas if you are not using a good SPF sunscreen all in vain.

lakme sunscreen is a user-friendly sunscreen which is suitable for all types of skin. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays and keeps the natural tone of skin intact. This sunscreen prevents 97% of the UV rays which is fairly decent.Lakme sunscreen SPF 50 effortlessly settles into the skin and mattifies the look so that you dot become an oil factory.


  • works well in Indian weather conditions.
  • gel-based sunscreen.
  • gives matte effect to the face.
  • should be applied daily.

The only drawback of this sunscreen which I found was it does not work for longer hours so reapplication of the product after 4-5 hours is important if you are in exposure to the sun.


5.VLCC De Tan SPF 50

Sun has been really generous in India and that’s why sometimes the heat becomes unbearable. keeping jokes aside, every girl including I have major concerns about tanning and a good skincare routine should be followed to prevent it. But trust me guys the foremost thing to start is the best sunscreen. VLCC De Tan SPF 50  sunscreen is one of them, It is infused with natural ingredients like carrot and cucumber which are best for removing tanning.

This sunscreen helps to lighten the tan and create a brighter skin tone. Improves the texture of skin and evens out discoloration.IT is a gel cream based formula which prevents tanning, protects the skin and lastly moisturizes it before you out in the sun.

Why you should buy VLCC De Tan SPF 50 sunscreen-

  • fades tanning.
  • prevents skin darkening.
  • evens out skin tone.
  • A subtle glow on the skin.
  • nourishes the skin.

PRICE- 395/-


I hope you like my post. Please share it with your friends who wish to buy the best sunscreen.

best sunscreen

best sunscreen


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