Biotique body wash

biotique body wash

hey guys! I hope you all are enjoying life well. Today I am going to review about biotique body wash bio apricot. This ayurvedic brand has made a significant mark in the beauty world. So recently while i went for an occasional shopping at the mall and while looking at a few beauty products my hand went on this biotique body wash and in no time I had a picked up a one as honestly somehow  the name appealed to me and  I have  already tried biotique face toner and body moisturizer so the brand was familiar to me,

I am a sucker for body wash. The best thing that makes me buy a body wash is its fragrance . A good fragnance can just set your day right.It revitalises your inner senses and refreshes your body. Another thing while buying a good body wash is it should be chemical or soap free or else it can make your body severely dry which had been a problem for me every time.But not all brands are same so I decided to try this one for 15 days and give real review.

Biotique body wash bio apricot:

Product description; The bio apricot body wash is a gel-based 100% soap-free body wash infused with khubani oil, apricot kernel oil, turmeric, wild turmeric, kurchi and soap nut. The fragrance is strong and rejuvenating..This body wash cleanses and mousturises skin well.It does not disturb the normnal ph balance of body.This biotique body wash is hydrating and leaves the skin smooth and soft.



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