Body shop tea tree oil

body shop tea tree oil

Hey Loves! How is Delhi weather treating you? Because a while back I was really facing tough time dealing with this hot and humid weather. So today I’ll talk about this body shop tea tree oil which is a savior for me. I have super oily and acne prone skin. credits to this weather each day my acne was increasing. So one of my friends recommended me this body shop tea tree oil. I was very skeptical that should I use it or not as oil meant more greasiness to my skin. But after insisting several times I decided to use the product.

Why is the major Ingredient Tea Tree?

Tea Tree oil which is also called Ti-tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of tea tree which are majorly found in south-east and northeast coast of Australia. Tea tree is very famous for its medicinal benefits which improve skin, hair, and health. Tea tree oil is used to cure acne, dandruff, insect bites and fungal infections. Due to its medicinal properties, it has significant value all over the world.

The body shop tea tree oil

Product Description- Body Shop tea tree oil is infused with fresh tea tree oil which is prepared organically. This essential oil is a purely concentrated formula of tea tree which works best on targeted areas. It helps to reduce blemishes on the skin. The body shop tea tree oil gives results in first application. The refreshing serum works instantly on the problematic area and gives a cool effect. The regular application ensures great results. This essential oil is a cult favorite product of audiences,

body shop tea tree oil

body shop tea tree oil

  • Chemical free
  • Considered the best to fight acne
  • works on blemishes
  • bottled fresh from hills
  • gives a soothing effect to skin
  • widely used due to its purifying properties.
  • instantly works on target areas
  • worth the money spent.

My Take on Body shop tea tree oil – I started using this product almost a week ago. I think 7 days is a minimum time you should give to analyze a product if it’s not causing any adverse effect on the skin. I was recommended to apply this body shop tea tree oil twice a day.

So I had quickly washed my face and with super excitement, I was ready to try this body shop tea tree oil on my acne. I opened this tea tree oil bottle and with the help of earbud ( you can take anything for application), I applied the oil on target acne on forehead and cheeks. There was a cooling sensation on my acne for 5 secs and then the oil penetrated in to my skin. The Same thing I repeated again the night. Waking up next morning with high expectations  I stood beside the mirror and to my surprise, I saw my acne got suppressed a little. So one thing was clear that the product was effective and as no product is magic I applied the body shop tea tree oil regularly till 7 days and each day the acne got better and now it completely vanished.A few things you should keep in mind while using the product are-

  • Avoid using the oil near mouth area.
  • Never use the oil with bare hands. You can take a damp cotton if earbuds aren’t available.
  • quickly close the cap of the bottle.
body shop tea tree

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