Fenty beauty lip gloss

fenty beauty lip gloss

Fenty gloss bomb also called Fenty beauty lipgloss by Rihanna is something I have been waiting to try my hands on for a long time. As seen on the website its Rihanna’s personal favourites and I  wished to try this one even more now.

So lip gloss was not in trend for a long time due to greasy and excess sticky formula. Until nudes came in trend again. and big beauty brands got a way to launch these lip glosses again. One of the brands is Fenty beauty which introduced gloss bomb universal lip luminizer.

fenty beauty lipgloss


Some Interesting Facts about Fenty beauty lip gloss / Fenty Beauty gloss bomb universal lip luminizer-

  • Rihanna made sure there were enough of foundation shades for every skin type for every skin tone. But In case of lip gloss, this is one of its kind. ( that’s how the name universal came in ).
  • This is universal rose gold shade which looks different on different skin tones.
  • Get happy because is Vegan-Friendly.
  • Enriched with shea butter so that you have lustrous and healthy lips.
  • Soothing peachy vanilla scented lip gloss is really soft on lips.
  • wearing this makes you feel sexy. ( you can trust me on that 😛 )

This was a quick sum up of the Fenty beauty lipgloss but If you wanna know more let’s get started 🙂 –

MY  EXPERIENCE – I had tried several regular lip glosses but I was really keen to try this one as this was my first product from Fenty beauty collection by Rihanna and I could already see the hype on social media. Finally, it was in my hands. The color is dull rose gold shade with peach effect. It gets on to my skin super easily and without any sticky or greasy feeling, I enjoy applying this lip gloss. The packaging is edgy and I was in love with the moment I saw. The applicator is slightly curved in the end for smooth application on lips. The shade has hues of pinkish nude and dull rose gold effect.


The formulation is slightly gummy but unlike other lip glosses, this texture does not annoy you. The texture easily blends into your lips and sets down. There are micro-shimmer particles which are not at all overpowering. The formulation is hydrating but at the same time, it is non-greasy. There is explosive shine which kinda looks very sexy and confident.


The luscious texture of Fenty beauty is a thing which you ‘ll get addicted to. The shine does not heavy glittery particles. It simply lights up your face without giving a heavy look. There is soft rose color on your lips which works best with bold eyes. It gives a fuller look to lips. Undoubtedly it has an explosive shine.


We are aware that lip glosses usually tend to wipe up after an hour or maximum two hours. and this is what I was expecting from this one. But to my surprise, this Fenty beauty lip gloss lasted for good 4-5 hours. I tend to eat my lip shade (maybe I get too hungry at times) lol.

On a serious note, the shine may vanish after a few hours but hydrating ingredients are at constant work. After regularly applying this lip gloss I noticed that my lips were soft than before.


Fenty beauty lip gloss is multifunctional –

  • This lip gloss hydrates your lips.
  • It is loaded with shea butter so it nourishes and conditions your lips.
  • It can be used over any matte lip shade without making your lip to clumpy.
  • Perfect tinted lip gloss gives a natural finish to lips.

SHOULD YOU BUY THIS -YAS! I do recommend if you are bored of using high shine and shimmery lip glosses. This is away apart from them. Perfect soft nude lip shade which makes you want more of it.


fenty beauty lip gloss

           fenty beauty lip gloss

This was my review about Fenty beauty lip gloss /Fenty beauty gloss bomb lip luminizer.

I hope you liked my blog on Fenty beauty lip gloss.If you have any questions regarding the same to reach out to me. Please share this blog with your friends and family who wish to buy right beauty products for themselves.






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