how to keep coloured hair healthy !

Hello everyone! I hope you are living your life to the fullest. Every girl dreams of healthy and shiny hair so my this blog is all about how can you keep your coloured hair healthy. Hair is a part of our body which grabs most of our attention from the times we wish to look pretty. Am I right girls :p?

Recalling the days, whenever I was bored with myself seeing in the mirror the only thing which I knew could add a glam to my life was a new Haircut :D. But now thanks to latest innovations by haircare brands we have ample of things to experiment with our hair. One of those widely done experiments is colouring .By choice we all love to colour our hair may be to flaunt them or maybe with a compulsion to hide off a grey hair. It has become a common part in our hair routine.

coloured hair healthy

                       coloured hair healthy

How to keep colored hair healthy  :

Colouring Hair Tips And benefits :

  • Good Quality Products

Make sure that your hair stylist should use quality and premium products while performing the coloring procedure. The hair color should be enriched with natural oils so that it protects and moisturizes your hair in the long run. The chemicals used should be ammonia free.

  • Wash on the second day-

After coloring your hair wait for two days before you wash them again. This will let the hair completely settle within the hair and will last for a longer duration.

  • Red dye fades fast-

If you are opting for red dye on your hair, Do remember that red hair color contains particles which are not easy to absorb by hair follicles and due to this the hair color does not stay for long and fades away fast.

  • Use dry shampoo

Do not shampoo hair on daily basis ie. every day as it may make the hair dry and color could wash off fast. Instead try hands dry shampoo which is a good option to escape frequent wash.

  • Use Mask-

Coloring might make your dry and brittle. Make sure you use conditioner on your hair properly and moisturize them for a while before wash. Applying a hair mask after the shampoo is a great moisturizing therapy for hair as its rich cream blends into the hair nourishes it completely.

  • Apply heat protectant-

After colouring hair becomes sensitive so prepare your hair with heat protectants and mousse before you apply any furher heat over them.

  • Use sulfate free shampoo-

To keep coloured hair healthy and long-lasting hair colour it is important to use sulfate free shampoo which protects hair colour and prevents dryness.

  • Go for therapies and spa –

Try deep conditioning treatment and therapies for the smooth and lustrous look.In case of excessive dry and damaged hair you can also opt for Keratin Treatment. Keratin is a protein that strengthens hair and improves hair texture and helps in growth of hair.

  • A healthy diet is beneficial –

Maintain a healthy diet which is rich iron and protein as it helps in stimulating hair growth and keep coloured hair healthy. Food like meat, fish, egg, spinach, peas are a good source of protein.


  • Add a glam look-

To break the monotony of black, colouring is a great way to try something different and feel a different you. Majority of hairstyles comes out really well after coloring the hair and the overall look is enhaced and graceful.

6 best shampoo and conditioner to keep coloured hair and healthy are

1.Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner- 

  • This shampoo promises to revive your hair and maintain the vibrancy of the hair colour. Infused with pro-vitamin and essential nutrient vitamin E which is considered to increase the blood circulation to the scalp. It also helps to hydrate and moisturize dry and brittle hair. This colour goddess oil-enriched shampoo contains sweet almond which is known for its moisturizing traits.
  • The colour goddess oil infused conditioner has a rich nutty fragrance due to the presence of sweet almond and richness of shea butter. Being natural conditioner they help to keep the hair soft. The conditioner locks the cuticle which is good for coloured hair. It helps to maintain the vibrancy of hair colour and last it for a longer duration.

2.Loreal Colour Radiant Shampoo and Mask-

  • This shampoo is widely used for coloured hair and reviews are by far satisfying. The colour radiant protection shampoo is enriched with Vitamino color AO-X which leaves the hair frizz free and soft.
  • The loreal colour radiant hair shampoo is also supplemented with UV filters which improves shine, hair texture and protects from heat.
  •  The loreal radiant mask helps to restore the colour of your hair. The mask is rich in texture which makes the hair soft and tangles free. The only tip while using this mask would be to leave it in hair for 5-7 minutes and then rinse.

3. Pro Fibre Shampoo-

  • There are times when we colour our hair, again and again resulting in damaged hair and dull looking hair. but a professional and high-quality products can help to restore the healthy hair. Pro fiber is amongst one such product by Loreal. It is powered with APTYL 100 molecular complex which basically helps to restructure the hair fibre from inside and outside. This range has been launched by Loreal to provide salon like hair texture at home.
  • This pro fibre innovation is inclusive of advanced technology which helps to repair hair fast and repair them from inside out. There are three ranges designed to treat specific level of hair damage starting from – Level 1- Rectify, Level 2-Restore and Level 3 – Reconstruct

4.Schwarzkoph BC Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner-

This BC repair rescue shampoo and condioner is widely suggested by salon and hair stylist due to its easy availabilty and cost.







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Colouring hair ( benefits) then add what you should know about colouring athen  on negative and then myths and then the products which re best to use



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